My Mondrian cake – recipe

Happy Friday everyone, I’m back with an exciting project. I was recently reading an article about the upcoming opening of two museums dedicated to French designer Yves Saint Laurent in Paris and Marrakesh. Apparently, six iconic Mondrian dresses had to be made again because very few original ones continue reading


Surprise polka dot cake – recipe

Hello everybody, I’ve got something to confess. The cake in these pictures was my third attempt at making a surprise polka dot cake. Had I been able to find more people to eat cake, I would have tried again! The initial idea seemed easy. I’ve successfully baked surprise cakes before, like the Easter continue reading


Disco truffles – recipe


Hey everybody! First of all, happy New Year! I wish you all the best for 2017. Even if you’ve overindulged a bit during the holidays, I hope you have a bit of space left for some confectionery. And who said you couldn’t polish a truffle? Well, nobody actually…but with this super simple recipe for continue reading


Macaron n°4

Today’s flavour is vanilla! To make this macaron n°4, you now get the gist. You’ll find the basic recipe here and the filling is a…



Little cakes

Some of you will instantly recognise this speciality from Bordeaux…the delicious canelés. They are baked in a small, striated cylinder made from copper.