My mosaic tile cake – recipe

My mosaic tile cake 1

To follow up on my Paris memories theme, I’ve come up with this mosaic tile cake. I first had the idea for this recipe weeks ago when I was…can you guess? Yes, when I was travelling on the tube in Paris. I’ve always loved tiles and started to think of a way of turning them into food. And, maybe for the first time ever, the cake turned out exactly how I imagined it 😎  .
My main concern was the “grouting”. But the black sesame paste saved the show. After that, all I needed was ready-to-roll icing and the right cookie cutter (that I bought online cheaply). And ta-dah!
Full disclosure: the pictures of this cake were not shot in the Paris metro but in my bathroom (yes, I’m obsessed with tiles).

My mosaic tile cake 2

The cake itself is actually fairly easy to make. continue reading →

My crochet raspberries – DIY

Crochet raspberries 1

Bonjour, bonjour,
It looks like Spring is finally settling in here in London, so I wanted to share this fitting tutorial with you. Raspberries have started popping up on our grocery stalls. But if I buy a punnet now, I know it’ll be gone in no time at all (with the help of my two little Gremlins at home). Hopefully, these crochet raspberries will resist the test of time and greed.
I have very fond memories of raspberries from when I was little. If you’ve seen ‘Amelie’, you might understand why. I used to do exactly what the little girl does at the beginning at the film. I’ve always associated them with the end of school term, summertime and a certain cheekiness. Some of the fruit I ate was not always ‘legally’ acquired, if you know what I mean…
These crochet raspberries also form part of my latest Paris/childhood memories theme. I’ve just come back from a four month-stay in Paris, my hometown, with loads of ideas for recipes and DIYs, one of which will be about the Paris metro. So, stay tuned! Below are the instructions for the fruit.

Crochet raspberries 2

If you’ve done some crochet before, you’ll find this really easy. continue reading →

My glittery gemstone bag

My glittery gemstone bag

I don’t know if any of you have been able to enjoy some warming rays recently but, here in London, the weather’s been horrible.
So, I decided to make hay while the sun wasn’t shining by wrapping up my gemstone theme with this tote bag DIY. It might not bring the sun back out but, at least, it’ll give you something to do the next time you’re stuck at home in the rain.
The instructions for my glittery gemstone bag are pretty straightforward as long as you have the right equipment. After that, it should only take a couple of hours before you can proudly walk around with your handmade tote bag. continue reading →

All that glitters – moodboard

Hello guys,
Here are a few pictures that have inspired me for this month’s theme, gems. Not only am I drawn to precious stones because of their tantalising colours but their shapes never fail to impress me. The craftmanship, there, is impressive. Hours of work are required to turn these stones, which when crude are often insignificant, into such masterpieces.

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Paper ceiling medallions – DIY

Paper ceiling medallions

I hope you’re all having a good start of the week. I’m back with a DIY that was really fun to make and looks great without too much effort, just a little bit of patience. You might also find it relaxing if, like me at this present time, you’re feeling a bit nervous…

Anyway, we’re currently doing some work in our flat and I wanted to make something to decorate our new living room. On Pinterest, I found some ideas for paper ceiling medallions that looked great but seemed a bit difficult to make. I therefore experimented with several folding paper techniques and ended up with this shape. The faceted aspect of it reminded me of gems, nicely fitting in with this month’s theme ;-).

So I just told you that it was easy to make… and it is. I just hope you’ll understand my instructions. I’m not the best teacher. continue reading →