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Hello guys,
Here are a few pictures that have inspired me for this month’s theme, gems. Not only am I drawn to precious stones because of their tantalising colours but their shapes never fail to impress me. The craftmanship, there, is impressive. Hours of work are required to turn these stones, which when crude are often insignificant, into such masterpieces.

If, like me, you love anything that touches both history and art, I would enthusiastically recommend the exhibition ‘From the Great Mughals to the Maharajas: Jewels from the Al Thani collection’ at the Grand Palais in Paris. Words can’t really describe how amazingly the light interacts with the gems on display. It was, a times, even blinding.

Sadly, the history of gemstones is often linked that of exploitation of mankind and environment. Fortunately, a trend of ethical jewelers is now emerging. It’s definitely worth checking them out if you want to know where your gemstones are coming from.
Below, a few of my favourite movie icons. If you know the source for any of the pictures, please let me know.


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