Gros gâteaux Mondrian

Mon gâteau Mondrian – recette

Mondrian cake, modern art, Dutch painting, gâteau Mondrian

Happy Friday everyone,

On débute ce mois de juillet avec un nouveau projet. Je lisais récemment un article concernant l’ouverture prochaine de deux musées – l’un à Marrakech, l’autre à Paris – dédiés à Saint Laurent. A cette occasion, six robes Mondrian ont dû être rééditées car très peu subsistent.

L’idée d’une thématique Piet Mondrian est ainsi née. Et cela me donne enfin l’occasion de tester une recette de gâteau Mondrian inspirée de l’un des tableaux du peintre hollandais que j’avais découvert sur Internet il y a quelques temps.

A priori, ce gâteau Mondrian semblait très simple à réaliser. Je pensais qu’il suffisait de préparer des génoises de différentes couleurs avant de les découper à la bonne taille et de les faire tenir ensemble avec du glaçage au chocolat. Bien mal m’en a pris…

Mondrian cake, modern art, Dutch painting, gâteau Mondrian

A long and winding road

In reality, it was a bit more complicated than that. Although I’m quite pleased with the end result, you can tell this was a first attempt.

With the help of my other half, I first had to find ways of baking different types of sponge in one tin (see drawing below). Once we worked this out, food colouring issues got in the way. The blue was not as intense as I’d hoped, and parts of the cake ended up being quite dense because of the added colours.

After that, we spent a lot of time trimming bits of cake to get them to the right shape and size. You could crumble the leftover cake and use it as a base for a cheesecake, for instance. However, there weren’t any leftovers in my home, courtesy of two greedy little monsters.

Mondrian cake, art, modern, moodboard, gâteau Mondrian

La recette du gâteau Mondrian

For the recipe, I made a basic sponge, similar to this one (you’ll need to remove the matcha and replace it with a tsp of vanilla).

The chocolate icing, which sticks the bits of cake together, is based on this ‘grouting’. I replaced the black sesame paste with two tbsp of cocoa powder.

Finally, the recipe for the chocolate ganache covering the whole cake is here.

Mondrian cake, modern art, Dutch painting, gâteau Mondrian

My sketch shows two tins. I actually ended up baking the cake in three batches, using the same tin every time. It was indeed much simpler to bake two different types of sponges at the same time rather than four.

Mondrian cake, modern art, Dutch painting, gâteau Mondrian

After baking the cake and cutting it to the desired size, I used a knife to spread the icing. I then poured the chocolate icing on top (make sure it’s not too thick or it won’t cover the cake neatly).

As you can see, my Mondrian cake is a bit wonky. But I’m quite pleased with it  😎 . Have a nice weekend!

Mondrian cake, modern art, Dutch painting, gâteau Mondrian


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