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My mosaic tile cake – recipe

My mosaic tile cake 1

To follow up on my Paris memories theme, I’ve come up with this mosaic tile cake. I first had the idea for this recipe weeks ago when I was…can you guess? Yes, when I was travelling on the tube in Paris. I’ve always loved tiles and started to think of a way of turning them into food. And, maybe for the first time ever, the cake turned out exactly how I imagined it 😎  .
My main concern was the “grouting”. But the black sesame paste saved the show. After that, all I needed was ready-to-roll icing and the right cookie cutter (that I bought online cheaply). And ta-dah!
Full disclosure: the pictures of this cake were not shot in the Paris metro but in my bathroom (yes, I’m obsessed with tiles).

My mosaic tile cake 2

The cake itself is actually fairly easy to make.
My mosaic tile cake 3
I basically used the same recipe as for my confetti cake but halved the quantities because I used a much smaller tin.

My mosaic tile cake 4

For the grouting, I beat together 100 g of icing sugar with 60 g of really soft butter and 2 tsp of milk before adding 25 g of black sesame paste (which you can find online or in health food shops).

My mosaic tile cake 5

After that, I waited for the cake to cool down before icing it with the black sesame icing. I then rolled out the white ready-to-roll icing, cut out several hexagonal pieces and arranged them neatly on the cake.
Have fun with your mosaic tile cake and enjoy!

My mosaic tile cake 6


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